“Midland landmark” artwork created by Bullock Creek senior

Izzy Waldie poses with her artwork laser-engraved on a glass frame by Wellington Ltd in Midland

Izzy Waldie poses with her artwork laser-engraved on a glass frame by Wellington Ltd in Midland

Isabel “Izzy” Waldie, a senior at Bullock Creek High School in Midland, was waiting in the car while her classmates were visiting local businesses in hopes of getting them to sponsor their yearbook. When they walked into Wellington, we were happy to greet them and support their efforts. While chatting with her classmates, somehow we got on the topic of how we needed to update the artwork for our “Midland Landmarks” series. Izzy’s friend knew just the person, and rushed out to the car to get her.

After working with Izzy for a few months, we’re proud to say Wellington Ltd. is her very first paying client. Izzy worked hard to capture several popular scenes around Midland, including the Tridge, Dow Gardens, Dahlia Hill, Dow Diamond and several others.

At Wellington, we often get requests from customers for engravings that include scenes from their hometown, which led to the idea of the Midland Landmarks collection. After several years of utilizing the original landmark series (some of which became outdated), we now have a beautiful, updated collection of Midland scenes that we can engrave on thousands of items.

Well-2 (Custom).jpg

As a senior at Bullock Creek High School, Izzy’s day consists of three art classes: Commercial art, advanced art, and studio art.

“Immersing myself in art this year has solidified that I want to pursue an artistic degree in college,” says Izzy. “Doing this project for Wellington has been a huge eye opener into the world of graphic design.”

In addition to her art focus, Izzy plays on the Varsity Volleyball team and serves as the Drumline captain for the school band.

“One of the most challenging parts of this endeavor was time management,” says Izzy. “The landmark collection has been the coolest way to pay tribute to my hometown before I move off to college.”

As far as where she plans to go to college, Izzy is still undecided. We have a feeling wherever she decides to go, she has a bright future ahead of her!